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Two big whitetail bucks fighting in the rutRecently, I sat down with Charles Alsheimer of Deer & Deer Hunting. He’s a legendary whitetail expert, author, photographer, TV host, and highly sought after conference speaker.

I asked him to give me a “Rut Hunting Cheat Sheet” that would help solve the annual mystery deer hunters face every fall.

When it was over, we had an exclusive, killer 43-minute audio presentation PLUS a 13-page Special Report loaded with the best tips and tricks you’ll find anywhere for taking advantage of the only weakness in a big buck’s survival mechanism.

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  • An incredibly sneaky and highly effective rut tactic you can use to turn a deer trail into a big buck highway!
  • How to quickly & easily identify 3 types of scrapes – The one to hunt hard and the two to avoid like the plague if you don’t want to wast your precious hunting time (no matter what other so-called experts write).
  • Discover the controlling factor that determines the amount of rutting activity you’ll see in your hunting area. Among other things, this tip will dictate your calling strategy.
  • How to recognize the transition between the rut phases in your area and adjust your strategy accordingly – you can take this tip to the bank!
  • And much, much more.

Once you have this expert info in your hunting arsenal, you’ll immediately improve your understanding of the whitetail rut and deer behavior… PLUS you’ll finally become a better, more successful deer hunter.

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