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Saturday, February 22nd 2020

David Barrett, Trophy Buck SecretsFrom the desk of David Barrett

Dear Fellow Deer Hunter,

I’m sure you already know that more monster bucks are killed during the rut than at any other time.

It’s the only time when the ultimate survival machine briefly drops his guard and becomes vulnerable to the crafty hunter who knows how to follow the clues and capitalize on his sole weakness.

No doubt about it – the rut is the absolute BEST time to be in the woods, BUT just being in the woods and finding clues isn’t enough.

You have to know how to interpret the clues in order to solve the mystery.

Do you know the best time of day to hunt during the rut phases?

Do you know the true significance of those buck rubs and that scrape line you found?

Were they made by a big buck? Will he be back? If so, when?

Should I grunt, bleet, wheeze or rattle? What about scents and lures?

So many pieces to the puzzle… So many unanswered questions…

But wait.

Listen very carefully…

Because what I’m about to tell you will mean the difference between you having some hunting success here and there, and becoming known as “The BIG Buck Detective” among your hunting buddies…

You see, I’ve already interrogated some true expert witnesses for you during an awesome teleseminar series dedicated to the most important topic in the world for any serious big buck hunter.

I recently assembled an unbelievable line-up of 6 whitetail deer experts to create the ultimate deer hunting resource like never before…

The Rut Summit

Just take a look at the incredible members of the Rut Summit guest expert panel:

Charles Alsheimer, Legendary Author & Photographer, Host of Deer & Deer Hunting TV
Charlie Alsheimer really needs no introduction among serious deer hunters. He's a legendary whitetail expert, TV host, author, and highly sought after seminar speaker. If you know more about deer than Charlie, it probably means that you have four legs and antlers growing out of your head. He separates fact from fiction regarding the most exciting topic in the world for a whitetail deer hunter - The RUT! He'll expand your knowledge of whitetail behavior and spell out sure-fire hunting strategies for crossing paths with a lovesick buck this Fall.
Dan Schmidt, Editor of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine
Besides his work on D&DH, Dan has written the critically acclaimed book, Whitetail Wisdom: A Proven 12-Step Guide to Scouting Less & Hunting More. He has also edited eight other books, including 25 Years of Deer & Deer Hunting: The Original Stump Sitters Magazine. The whitetail wisdom that Dan shares during his call will skyrocket your chances of putting your tag on a monster this season.
Alan Probst, Host of All Outdoors TV Show
Alan enjoyed a ten-year professional baseball career (1992-2001) with the Houston Astros, Toronto Blue Jays, and NY Mets before entering the outdoors industry. He is the owner/operator of Alan Probst, Inc. which has produced the All Outdoors TV show, the Sportsmen's Outdoor Strategies TV show, and the Hlathini Safari's African Adventures show. Alan shares his insights and experiences on hunting the Pre-Rut.
Barry Wensel, “Brothers of the Bow”
Barry and his twin brother Gene have hunted with recurves and longbows for over 50 years. Many friends have commented they never put their toys away since childhood. The Wensel brothers hunted deer with bows and arrows long before there were things like non-military camo, food plots or specialty seeds. There were no compound bows, cell phones, GPS units, video cameras, ATVs, high fences or weekly deer shows on television. You'll love that down to earth style while listening to Barry talk about hunting the Peak of the Rut.
Todd Pringnitz, White Knuckle Productions
Todd Pringnitz is a Michigan native who's been pursuing whitetails with a bow and arrow for the past 18 years. Todd grew up hunting mostly on his own, in some of the highest pressured areas of Michigan public land. Learning to hunt Michigan deer in some of the most-hunted woods in the world have made Todd the hunter he is today. Listen in and learn some of the run & gun strategies for success during the Rut that allow him to score on the monsters in his videos!
Ken Hammel, Owner of Mountain Hollow Game Calls
Ken is a nationally known caller and hunter. His expertise in hunting the Whitetail Deer has allowed him to be successful in the many States and Canadian Provinces that he hunts. He has harvested over 100 whitetails in his lifetime, 70 percent of them being bucks. His knowledge of rattling in the Big North American Whitetail Deer is second to none. He has rattled, called, and used scents in order to be successful time and time again, and now he tells you exactly how he does it.
It Was Such A Hit We Decided To Do It Again!

And we had another unreal panel of guest experts:

Bill Winke of
Bill Winke has been writing full-time for hunting magazines for 20 years. He specializes in articles about hunting strategy - primarily whitetail deer – and assembling, tuning and shooting archery equipment accurately. Bill grew up in Northeast Iowa but has had the amazing opportunity to hunt deer in sixteen states and three Canadian provinces. In 2008, Bill introduced, an online hunting show that has become very popular. In 2010, he produced Midwest Whitetail TV for The Sportsman Channel, which won “Best New Series” on TSC. In 2011, Midwest Whitetail won the coveted award of Best Hunt Show. Bill earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa in 1986, spent four years working in the aerospace industry in Kalamazoo, MI and now lives on a farm in southern Iowa with his wife Pam, their 14-year-old daughter named Jordan and their 12-year old son named Andrew.
Rick Basile of Invite X-Tream Wildlife System
Rick Basile of Youngstown, OH, is a passionate and successful deer hunter. He helps INVITE fulfill their mission of providing the necessary products to improve every square inch of wildlife habitat by continuous observation, testing, and field research and to maintain renewable resources for generations to come as a planting specialist.
Todd Bromley of Crossbow Magazine
Todd Bromley is the owner of Crossbow Magazine and a Pennsylvania native with over 35 years of archery hunting experience. Todd currently has trophy animals listed in four different record book registries and in 2012 harvested an SCI top 10 record book black bear with his crossbow. Todd has had over 40 articles published in various outdoor magazines and recently co-authored his first book; “The Beginners Guide To Crossbows.” He currently holds patents and trademarks on many innovative products in the crossbow hunting industry. In 2007 he formed the Pennsylvania Big Buck Association and traveled the state consolidating the states whitetail records. In 2008 he was named the first Pennsylvania State Regional Director for the North East Big Buck Club. In 2009 he formed the Pennsylvania Crossbow Federation and served as its first President. Working hand and hand with the States Commissioners and Governors office, Todd and his staff played an intricate part in the legalization of crossbows in Pennsylvania. In 2010 he received the American Crossbow Federation’s Lion Heart Award for his tireless work promoting the crossbow as viable archery hunting equipment.
Mark Kayser of “The Buck Stops Here” TV Show
Mark Kayser has been photographing and writing about the outdoors since junior high with a career spanning more than two decades. Mark is the whitetail columnist for North American Hunter, the backyard whitetail bowhunting columnist for Bowhunt America magazine and the Hunting West columnist for Cabela’s Outfitter Journal. Currently, Mark hosts The Buck Stops Here on NBC Sports and co-hosts North American Hunter, also on NBC Sports. Mark also participated in the 2006 Versus first-ever Whitetail Challenge. His work has been published in nearly every major outdoor publication on the market today including Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, American Hunter, North American Hunter, Turkey Country, Turkey and Turkey Hunting, Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, Sporting Classics, Shooting Sportsman, Bowhunter, Bowhunting World, Bowhunt America, Rifle Firepower, Predator Xtreme and Whitetail Journal. In addition, his photographs have been on the cover of six books, dozens of magazines and several video covers. Mark’s hunting has been featured on a variety of television outdoor shows and videos including Whitetail Revolution, The Versus Whitetail Challenge, Realtree Outdoors, Realtree’s Monster Bucks, Realtree’s All-Stars of Spring, North American Hunter, North American’s Tales of the Hunt and scores of other shows he’s appeared on.
Steve Sorenson is “The Everyday Hunter”
Steve Sorensen comes from Russell, Pennsylvania. He speaks frequently at sportsman’s events and writes for a variety of publications. His articles have appeared in Deer & Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, Bear Hunting Magazine, Ohio Valley Outdoors, and others. His biweekly newspaper column in the Warren Times Observer won Best Newspaper Column in Pennsylvania three out of six years for his column called “The Everyday Hunter.” He’s also a field editor for Bear Hunter Online and edits web content for Havalon knives. Steve serves on pro staffs for Alpen Optics and Havalon knives, and is a Web Pro Staff for Deer & Deer Hunting magazine.
Kip Adams of QDMA
Kip Adams is a certified wildlife biologist and QDMA’s Director of Education and Outreach. He writes the Whitetail Wisdom column in Quality Whitetails and Kip’s Korner for Kip helps landowners and hunters with deer and habitat management across the U.S. and Canada and has been featured on several hunting television shows. He has authored nearly 100 articles on deer and habitat management and has written chapters for four books. Kip has also presented over 250 seminars on deer, habitat, and hunter management and herd monitoring techniques.

That’s a stellar group of hunters and they definitely have the trophies on the wall to prove they know their stuff when it comes to the rut.

I truly want to help as many dedicated hunters like you as I can this season. So, if you’re the kind of hunter I think you are, you’re going to love this…

The Big Picture Revealed

What if you could have the secrets of hunting the rut at your fingertips for the rest of your life…. any serious deer hunter would be a FOOL not to take that deal.

iStock_000004207517XSmallWell, even better… What if a TEAM of the world’s top whitetail deer hunting experts let you steal the secrets they’ve spent thousands of dollars and a lifetime learning for a ONE-TIME PRICE of only $97?

You just pay once and literally hold in your hands forever Big Buck Smoking, Trophy Room Filling, Million Dollar Manuals allowing you to find and kill mature bucks – year in and year out.

I don’t even have to ask you. I know you would borrow money from your evil aunt Edna if you had to just get that $97 over to these top experts!

Opportunity Knocks

We recorded the entire Rut Summit I and Rut Summit II teleseminar series, and we even had each call transcribed (in case you prefer learning by reading). That’s over 8 and-a-half hours of recordings from some of the top whitetail deer hunting experts in the entire world, each handing to you the exact tools you need to Take Advantage of the Rut and Tag the Buck of Your Dreams This Season.

Now that the live Rut Summit I and Rut Summit II teleseminar series are complete, we’ve packaged both events – the MP3 audios that you can listen to anywhere, anytime, and the PDF transcripts that you can read anytime.

Rut Summit II was actually done as a webinar series and we recorded it all so you can watch the presentations in MP4 video format.

This digital package originally sold with a list price of $97.

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Now, in case you’re still not sure if getting the Secret Upgrade to the Rut Summit is worth your while, I’m going to add-in a super-bonus to just to sweeten the pot…

3 FREE Bonuses

I’ll give you three great bonus e-books when you order the Rut Summit Secret Upgrade today.

Bonus #1
How Old Is My Deer?
Game and Fish biologists sometimes run deer checking stations to gather information from hunters about harvested animals. One of the most common questions from hunters is: How old is my deer? If you’ve ever brought your deer to a field check station, a biologist probably aged it for you by looking at its teeth and told you some basic things about how they did it. But you probably still had questions about how the deer’s age was determined and wondered if you couldn’t do it yourself. This guide will help successful hunters estimate the age of either mule deer or whitetails.

a $7.00 Value Yours FREE!

Bonus #2
Hunting With The Bow And Arrow by Saxton Pope
This classic exposition of the art and sport of hunting with the bow and arrow takes the reader through some of the historical uses of the bow in hunting, to the practice of making a bow, shooting the bow, and general info on archery and its equipment. Specific chapters detail the hunting of the raccoon, wildcat, fox, wolf, deer, bear, and mountain lion. Hunting adventures of the legendary author and his hunting pals are gloriously illustrated in words with numerous photographs.

a $7.00 Value Yours FREE!

Bonus #3
In the Wilderness by Charles Dudley Warner
This book was cited in Adirondack Life as one of the twenty-five most collectible books about the Adirondacks ever to appear. These essays were first published in book form in 1878. Warner’s main theme is the small, often-ludicrous figure that the human being cuts in the wilderness. His urbane satire takes the starch out of ‘the tin-can and paper-collar tourists’ who were beginning to flock to the Adirondacks. Warner’s love of nature, combined with his humor and social satire, makes this book as good a read now as it was more than a century ago.

a $7.00 Value Yours FREE!

You’ll get instant access to the PDF files of all three bonuses in addition to the Rut Summit Secret Upgrade package when you order now.

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Our 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% ON-FIRE and Totally Pumped, if you are even the slightest bit under-whelmed, if for any reason you decide you aren’t completely satisfied with the Rut Summit, just email me within 365 days and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked! The only thing that matters to me is your satisfaction.

Now, in case you aren’t keeping track, let me add it up for you…

“Rut Summit I”

Rut Summit Product Image

6 MP3 Audios containing over 4 hours of expert deer hunting information!

6 PDF Transcripts totaling 72 pages of the best rut hunting information anywhere.

$47 Value

“Rut Summit II”

Rut Summit Product Image

6 MP4 Videos containing over 4 and-a-half-hours of expert deer hunting information!

6 MP3 Audios containing over 4 and-a-half hours of expert deer hunting information!

6 PDF Transcripts totaling 82 pages of the best rut hunting information anywhere.

$47 Value

That’s a grand total of
over 4 and-a-half hours of videos,
8 and-a-half hours of audios,
and 154 pages
of world-class whitetail rut hunting info

Plus the bonuses…

Bonus #1
How Old Is My Deer?

$7 Value

Bonus #2
Hunting With The Bow And Arrow by Saxton Pope

$7 Value

Bonus #2
In the Wilderness by Charles Dudley

$7 Value

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I’m really looking forward to sharing the Rut Summit with you, and hearing YOUR big buck story later this Fall!

Download all of the Rut Summit I MP3 audios and PDF transcripts and the Rut Summit II MP4 Videos, MP3 Audios, and PDF transcripts for the one-time low price of $27. Plus I get to keep my free bonus gifts no matter what.

I can also rest easy knowing I’m protected by your 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I’m ready to discover the secrets of the rut so I can bag the buck of my dreams this season!

To Your Hunting Success,

David Barrett, Trophy Buck Secrets President

David Barrett

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No thank you. I’m not really that serious about killing a big buck.
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